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Yahoo: ‘Families Like Ours:’ When Kids and Same-Sex Parents Come Together in One of America’s Gayest Towns

yahoo-parenting-angie and Annie from IndianaFor a lesbian family living in a small Midwestern farming town — West Point, Ind., population 594 — the Buckles-Rausch clan is extremely fortunate: They have a close group of friends, supportive families, nondiscriminatory work environments, and an open and affirming church where moms Angie Buckles and Annie Rausch were just married, on July 11, in front of 150 loved ones.

“Provincetown has been a refuge for our community,” Gabriel Blau, executive director of Family Equality Council, tells Yahoo Parenting at a Family Week newcomers’ orientation. The national group organized the annual event along with COLAGE (Children of Lesbian and Gay Families Everywhere). “And part of being a refuge means being a refuge for who we are today.”

Read the complete article by Beth Greenfield,includinggreat photos from the 20th anniversary of Family Week: