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State and Union: Lesbian Families in the Deep South

Challenged by its mission to advocate for LGBTQ equality in the Deep South through the arts and humanities, Living in Limbo, Inc. announces the next step in its continued evolution: State and Union: Lesbian Families in the Deep South, A Living in Limbo Documentary (State and Union).

State and Union is a feature length documentary currently in production, co-directed by Carolyn Sherer and Lara Embry, and produced by Michele Forman. It was inspired by the highly-acclaimed exhibition, Living in Limbo: Lesbian Families in the Deep South, photographs by Carolyn Sherer, and provides intimate stories of the community represented by the exhibition’s portraits. …

“LGBTQ families in the South have the same dreams and aspirations for their children as the rest of the country,” said Family Equality Council Executive Director Gabriel Blau. “Family Equality Council continues to raise our voices toward fairness for all families, and we are proud to stand alongside Living in Limbo for this instrumental documentary that delivers the opportunity for these Southern voices to be heard.”

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