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Obama Signs ENDA Workplace Protection Order

Obama-non-discrimination-executive-orderPresidential remarks from the East Room at the White House Monday morning kept the media on its feet concerning the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Although a little late to the party, President Obama quickly proceeded to the business at hand.

“Many of you have worked for a long time to see this day coming. You organized, you spoke up, you signed petitions, you sent letters – I know because I got a lot of them. And now, thanks to your passionate advocacy and the irrefutable rightness of your cause, our government – government of the people, by the people, and for the people – will become just a little bit fairer,” Obama said. …


Family Equality Council Executive Director Gabriel Blau said: “With the stroke of a pen this morning, President Barack Obama has reiterated his commitment to equality. At the foundation of every happy, healthy family is economic security – the ability to earn a living and the economic stability to provide for a dependent partner and children. Through this executive order, the President ensures protections for many of the LGBTQ families we serve so that they may better provide security and stability for their loved ones.”

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