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Mississippi Same-Sex Couples Ask Court To Order Equal Adoption Rights

A motion seeking a preliminary injunction was filed Friday by two married couples with children in Campaign for Southern Equality v. Mississippi Department of Human Services, the federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Mississippi’s law banning adoption by same-sex couples. Mississippi is the only state left in the nation that bans gay couples from adopting without regard for their qualifications as parents or the best interests of the child. …

Gabriel Blau, Executive Director of Family Equality Council, said, “It is time for Mississippi to put the best interests of its children first. There is no rational argument for denying loving families the legal protections to which they are entitled. To continue to deny children the safety and stability of legal relationships with both of their parents is unconscionable. Each of these stories represents what all parents strive for – to protect our children. It is time for Mississippi to act and mitigate these egregious harms.”

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