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LGBTQ Plight Highlighted During National Adoption Month

Family Equality Council has announced its 2014 “Allies for Adoption” Campaign to coincide with National Adoption Month in November. The initiative will draw attention to the obstacles LGBTQ people confront when trying to secure legal ties for their families. In the majority of states across the country, LGBTQ people encounter barriers when trying to adopt a partner’s child, jointly adopt through a private agency or when attempting to serve as foster or adoptive parents to youth in care.

“LGBTQ parents have raised more than six million children across this country, yet we still face hurdles when trying to create and protect our families, including a lack of access to second-parent adoption for many parents. The patchwork of state adoption laws and policies leave our families vulnerable and fail to take into consideration the best interests of our children,” said Gabriel Blau, Family Equality Council Executive Director.

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