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Valley Advocate: CinemaDope: Mob Mentality

Cinema Dope

In Gomorrah, the only thing biblical is the violence. Matteo Garrone’s highly anticipated film adaptation of Roberto Saviano’s book about the Camorra—the organized crime families of Naples—is unflinching in its portrayal of the threats, violence, and killings that make the syndicate the powerhouse that it is.

Many of the gay and lesbian Jews DuBowski met during the production refused to appear on camera; others chose to appear only in silhouette, or with their images digitally altered, for fear of being ostracized or worse—a sure sign that the issue is much larger than most would imagine. To help viewers understand the scope and weight of the struggle, the film is accompanied by a talk given by Gabriel Blau, founder of The God and Sexuality Conference and author of Two Truths: Living as a Religious Gay Jew.

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