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Barilla chairman issues apology for anti-gay comments, ‘eating his words,’ US gay rights group says

Barilla-chairman-issues-apology-for-anti-gay-comments-eating-his-words-US-gay-rights-group-says_strict_xxlBy Maggie Hennessy, 26-Sep-2013

Amid calls from Italian gay rights groups to boycott Barilla, the pasta company’s chairman, Guido Barilla, apologized for saying he would never use homosexual families in company advertisements.

“It appears the the chairman of Barilla Pasta is now eatinghis words,” Family Equality Council executive director Gabriel Blau told FoodNavigator-USA. “But it is ridiculous for him to say in the first place that he would only feature so-called traditional families in their advertisements. “We know that there are millions of families with parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) just in the United States alone. They are traditional in every sense – they are loving parents who work hard to put food on the table and they sit down together as a family around the dinner table.”