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ABC News: Same-Sex Adoptions Next Frontier for LGBT Advocates

Philip McAdoo and his partner, Sean Cavanaugh, were in the process of adopting their son, Zaden, while living in New York City before same-sex marriage was legalized there in 2011.

But by the time the official papers were finalized last year, they had moved to Georgia where laws prohibit gay marriage and adoption.

“During that whole period, we were being watched and observed before the adoption was finalized,” said McAdoo, a 42-year-old doctoral student in education. “All that period we were considered a family, but only one of us was allowed to adopt him.” …

“Right now there are children waiting to find a forever family, and until we knock down barriers to adoption by LGBT people in every state, we are failing them as a nation,” said Gabriel Blau, executive director of the Family Equality Council.

Read the full article about the barriers faced by LGBTQ people trying to adopt, and the public education campaign we ran at Family Equality: