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Windy City Times: Don Lemon defends remarks; man sues for sex-sting arrest


Openly gay CNN host Don Lemon is defending himself after his controversial remarks about the New York City Police Department’s stop-and-frisk practices caused a Twitter revolt, according to The Huffington Post. During a radio commentary about the controversial practice, Lemon asked, “Would you rather be politically correct, or safe and alive?” That line prompted a Twitter hashtag and such tweets as “Don Lemon on bulimia: Would you rather look great or be a big ole fatty?” Lemon has responded by saying he certainly does not endorse the procedure and that his comments were “grossly misinterpreted.”

The pro-LGBT Family Equality Council announced a campaign for National Adoption Month that demands all 50 states stop putting up barriers to adoption by LGBT individuals and families, according to a press release. The campaign is being launched in cooperation with several major child-welfare and social-justice organizations.

Family Equality Council Executive Director Gabriel Blau said the Allies for Adoption Campaign seeks to call attention to America’s need for adoptive parents, and the massive pool of LGBT people who are currently being overlooked.

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