Get to know me.

I am a strategic and creative leader who looks forward to rolling up my sleeves. I have a passion for technology, data and analytics, and building strong work cultures that bring out the best in my colleagues.

My career began with eight years heading a digital strategy and marketing firm that developed innovative solutions for businesses seeking to leverage new technologies. In 2010 I moved to the non-profit sector, taking on leadership roles in local, national, and international mission driven organizations. Most recently, I transitioned back to the for-profit space when the opportunity to build a new Workforce Planning and Analysis function at the 100 year old global industrials firm ITT Inc.

I received my MBA from Columbia University where I am now working with faculty to develop new components for business school students to learn People Analytics.

What drives me.


I love to work and I’ve been lucky that I’ve always had jobs that fulfill my need for challenge and give me opportunities to be a creative leader. But nothing is more important than my immediate and extended family. Much of my time and effort has been dedicated to ensuring that my family has equal rights, and that my son has every opportunity to grow, learn, and explore who he is and who he wants to be in the world.


At work and at home I believe in community as the foundation for happiness. I am at my best when I can help others and am not afraid of making mistakes because I know others will help me.


I’m a total nerd. I love learning about new technologies and finding creative ways to solve problems with technology. As a child I would take apart radios and VCRs. Today I find ways to use Python, SQL, Excel, and more to make things work better. Lately I’ve been teaching my son how to build circuits. What could be more fun?

Things I can do.

Data and Analytics

Collecting and using data effectively can be a game changer. I focus on sustainable data efforts that provide meaningful information. With experience in Python, SQL, Excel, and Qlik Sense, I am a strong manager of data professionals and partner to strategic executives.

People Leadership

People are not machines and my 15+ years of management have helped me learn how to focus on helping colleagues achieve their best, and ensuring the unique skills, talents, and creativity of a team drive the best possible business outcomes.

Expert Communicator

Extensive experience as a designer, public speaker, and writer underpin my ability to boil down complexity into clear messages, whether in a PowerPoint deck, memo, or presentation. I am a straightforward communicator, but in formal situations give careful consideration to the content and method of sharing information.

Operations Strategy

I’m an operations geek. Whether in a factory or in professional services, the same concepts apply. From system and process design to measuring success, I help my teams think through queuing, resource allocation, and models that will achieve the best product-process match.